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All StreamForex clients automatically become members of StreamClub

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Privilege Bronze Silver
from 50 Points
from 200 Points
from 1000 Points
from 5000 Points
Deposit bonus - 10%
from the deposit amount
from the deposit amount
from the deposit amount
from the deposit amount
Insurance - - +3% +5% +10%
Safe Account - - +1%
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How to get points

Points are the trading indicator

A point is an internal unit of measurement on StreamForex. The point depends on the volume of your trading in lots.
1 lot = 10 Points
You can get additional Points using our services.

The more the amount, the more Points

You can get more Points by depositing larger amounts.
from 50 to 99.99 USD - 0.02 Points for 1 USD in the amount of deposit
from 100 to 299.99 USD - 0.03 Points for 1 USD in the deposit amount
from 300 to 499.99 USD - 0.04 Points for 1 USD in the deposit amount
from 500 USD - 0.05 Points for 1 USD in the deposit amount

Calculate how many Points you will receive for the deposit amount

Enter the amount
You'll receive

The longer, the more

Depending on the duration of cooperation with our company, payments for each lot traded increase.

30 days - +10% of the accrued Points
91 days - +20% of the accrued Points
182 days - +30% of the accrued Points
365 days - + 40% of the accrued Points
730 days - +50% of the accrued Points

The beginning of work with the company starts from the moment of the first deposit of more than 10 USD.

For example:
In the seventh month of trading, you have gained 3 lots per month. Instead of 30 points, you will receive 30+ 30%=39 Points

Recommend to friends

Tell your friends about our company and get extra Points.

You'll get 10 Points for a registered friend with a deposit in our company

Pass the quiz

omplete the training, pass the Quiz and get an extra 20 points.

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How to get a new status


You are now a StreamClub member
Top up your account
in the amount of 500 USD

You will receive:
1) 50% bonus on the 1st deposit
2) 25 Points - for the amount of replenishment
Take up training

Take the Quiz, for this you will get 20 Points. After passing the Quiz, you are ready to trade with real money.
Recommend our company
to a friend

Get an extra 10 Points
You already have 50 Points!

Start trading on a real account - You are already ready.
You need to make a couple of trades to earn 1 Point

Now you have the status of Silver
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Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5